Nautical and aeronautical instruments, in particular magnetic compasses from Ludolph, have stood for the highest quality for decades now when it comes to materials, workmanship and durability for use in the harsh maritime environment.

All the components used in our compasses are manufactured from top quality materials exclusively: We do not use any plastic components in this area of our compasses.
We consider these to be basic preconditions for years of fault-free use and a guarantee for satisfied customers.

Our product range is suitable for all areas of commercial shipping, irrespective of the shipping route and the size of the vessel:
Magnetic compass stands, steering and bearing compasses, as well as spherical compasses with their different installation variants and with consideration to the special characteristics of the ship cover a broad range of operations on cargo ships, in the offshore area, in sea rescue and in the naval ship sector. From the smallest fishing cutter to the largest container ship.



The sale, manufacture and repair of instruments for aviation has been part of our service spectrum for many decades now. We supply the world’s global players in the aviation industry.

As a manufacturing and repair company approved by the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr), our services in the field of aeronautical instruments include the manufacture, sale and repair of:

• Magnetic compasses
• Variometers
• Airspeed indicators
• Test instruments
• Compensation devices
• Hand-bearing compasses HPK 67

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